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About Us

Why BukawaSwim ​

“When I was 2 years old, I spent day after day repeating the word Bukawa to my family. They had no idea what it meant or why I was saying it… Then someone realised that I was trying to say ‘Blue Colour.’ Bukawa then became the word everyone in my family associated with me and some family members still say Bukawa after 17 years when referring to the colour blue. I feel like this is the most perfect name for my brand because not only is it a huge part of my personality, it also reflects the blue oceans and pools that I grew up around.”


Eco, ethical, sustainable

We’ve worked very hard to ensure we aren’t cutting corners and have tried to think of everything from the material and ink to the little details and packaging.

We support independent makers, a percentage from our swimwear goes towards ocean clean up and supporting artisanal communities.

Inspired by the Riviera

BukawaSwim pays homage to the French Riviera, evoking the spirit of summer and a Riviera holiday. Our first collection is heavily inspired by Le Beauvallon, one of the only remaining Belle Époque palaces between Cannes and Marseille.

It is a collection with muted, natural shades of olive, blues and greens inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and the pink terracotta of Le Beauvallon’s 1910s grade II listed façade and the rooftops of many older homes in the region.

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